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Whats On in 2021

APRIL 11th 2017 LND talks @ Night Funzing Experience:

Mindfulness is the new buzz word on everyone's lips, attached to eating, drinking, parenting, managing ,running, reading.. well you get the idea .BUT no one seems to be talking about various levels of intensity of a mindfulness course, let alone the potential unlatching of an individuals Pandora's box.

On my retreats both abroad and the UK where we create transformational change through intensive MIndfulness Based Stress Reduction coupled with Cognitive Behavioural therapy there are always at least two experienced fully accredited professionals to hand. Mindfulness can be hardcore!

As a Barrister, retreat owner Coach and Therapist , it troubled me to find that this information is rarely available to prospective students of mindfulness .This talk explores those hidden depths so that when embarking on learning mindfulness you are equipped with pertinent questions about what's in store and what you can expect from your teacher so you can make an informed choice.

Doors will Open at 7pm, The talk will begin promptly at 7.30pm. BOOK HERE


LDN Talks @ Night is a fresh new concept making "Tedx" talks more accessible. We've pulled in an impressive array of leading entrepreneurs, movers & shakers, bright thinkers and incredible individuals to give you a different perspective, to enthuse and inspire!

Held in cool bars & locations across London, a LDN Talks @ Night event makes the perfect after work mid-week activity.

Delve into a totally new subject and challenge your perspectives over a beer with like-minded Londoners. Funzing has always encouraged you to do something different with your free time, so we say do just that - you never know where it may lead you!

Experience includes:

  • Fascinating lecture
  • High profile speaker
  • Trendy venue (TBA)
  • Unique after-work event


Take 3 or more nights at one of our residential retreats either here or abroad to restore some peace and balance into your life.With daily workshops in Mindfulness meditation, mindfulness life coaching and a variety of yoga styles twice a day, daily meditations either silent or guided , yoga nidra at night, this is an excellent value for money package Stunning handpicked locations with clear blue skies, a pool & views of the glorious landscape or seascape with full board accommodation.

At a glance

  • When : May 10th-15th
  • Where : Canaries
  • Prices: from £475 excl flights
  • Suitable for : All levels

RESERVE NOW with just £100

The School run © with Day retreat

Specially created to offer a unique opportunity to down tools and grab some precious quality me time! The course provides a break from every day hustle and bustle & will help you recharge the batteries and face the battle field like a brave new warrior! Perfectly timed to fit in between the drop off and pick up of your little darlings.We will show you how to make your health a number one priority, after all you are the glue that weaves the whole lot together, spread yourself too thinly and things start to go awry.Come and join us for this much needed pick-me-up.

Optional Weeks 7-8 are bundled together in a special school run Mindfulness retreat day which focuses on well being and learning how to incorporate this into your everyday lives without it being another thing " to do" . It is a pre requisite that in order to benefit from a heavily subsidised day retreat price you have attended the full 6 week course for the full discount. Other discounts are available on a pro rata basis .

All other paricipants are at full cost

Please ask for details .

A great gift for mums and dads! (inspired by my own son who is a single parent)

At a glance

  • When : February then Monthly
  • Where : Catford
  • Prices: School run 8 week course £120         

  • Optional day retreat £35.00 (full discount)​
  • Full price £65.00
  • Suitable for : All levels 


6 week Mindfulness courses Adults with Day retreat

Simply put it is one of the most effective set of skills you will ever need.Scientifically recognised as one of the most effective life skills, that is easy to learn and can help reduce stress,anxiety.Studies have shown that just a few minutes a day is beneficial to wellbeing.

Optional Weeks 7-8 are bundled together in a special Mindfulness retreat day which focuses on well being and learning how to incorporate this into your everyday lives without it being another thing " to do" . It is a pre requisite that in order to benefit from a heavily subsidised day retreat price you have attended the full 6 week course for the full discount. Other discounts are available on a pro rata basis.All other participants are at full cost

Please ask for details .

At a glance

  • When : Next ADULT course                                 TBC 6.45 pm to 8.30 pm
  • Where :Catford
  • Prices: £120.00
  • Optional day retreat £35.00 ( full discount)
  •                      Full price £65.00
  • Suitable for : All levels


Past events

Our Story so far....

We've loved every minute of our journey


Our first retreat in Arundel UK October 2014.A wonderfully relaxing long weekend with life coaching and Watsu in the heated pool. Hear what our clients said

"Thank you for the wonderful time to be ME!! Very lovely on all levels-great food ( a holiday for my digestive system) Love and light"

"Thank you so much for organising this lovely relaxing weekend. Great company, amazing food and blissful treatments and yoga"


Our first retreats abroad in Morocco. Exploring the wilds of the foot hills of the Atlas mountains .Daily walks, stress management courses and life coaching. Night out to Marrakesh.

"I would never have believed i had the courage to make the leap of faith... literally!!! I paraglided off a mountain.I now realise that fear and excitement are sometimes just a question of how you view them."

2015 SEPT

The glorious Royal Villas of Prince Mohammed at Amizmiz, Morocco

"5*++ accommodation and cordon bleu vegetarian cuisine... quite simply sublime.."

"I really enjoyed the chance to asses my next steps in the life coaching sessions and decide on what small bitesize changes to make ....I don't feel overwhelmed like I used to when wondering how to make the next move.. Thank you"

APRIL 2016

Our seaside escapade to Essaouira.The invigourating Atlantic coastline that blows away the cobwebs.

" I have been empowered!! I intend to keep using what I have learned so I can spend more time with my workaholic husband... I've already booked a weekend away for us both and hes happy to come!!"

Training & Consolidation

Part of our regular annual activities include keeping up to date with existing qualifications and learning new ones. including


Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction.

Watsu Level 2 ( to watch demonstration)

OCt 2016

6 week mindfulness course at BPP law school who provide elite training services to the Magic Circle law firms. Teaching young people skills for life, especially when entering a profession renowned for its high levels of stress.

DEC 2016

 6 week mindfulness course in SE london :

" Oh Mindfulness I LOVE You, thank you: you've saved my sanity!"

My little one woke me up again for the 3rd time last night so I used STOP last night, named the emotion did some breath work and a body scan and went to sleep. Usually I would be so irritated Id be getting up after an hour or so of stewing.. so thank you!

JAN 2017

One day retreat which forms week 7-8 of the mindfulness course, also open to the public

" I never knew it was so important to breath "properly". I now know I have the inbuilt tools to reduce physical stress and calm the mind, all by just breathing..."

" complementary massage was amazing.... will be doing this again"

FEB 2017

Drop In Mindful Mondays @ Mooshies .A calm oasis in the storm of city life . A chance to step out of the hustle and bustle , connect with yourself and others in simple led meditation after a short instructional talk.

MARCH 2017

Mindful Mondays @ Mooshies . The second of our drop in sessions to calm the soul after a hectic first day back at work. working on creating a space to take your foot of the throttle and just be..

APRIL 2017

LDN Talks @ Night is a fresh new concept making "Tedx" talks more accessible. I will be giving a talk on the true depths of Mindfulness and the potential pitfalls to avoid.BOOK HERE see above for more details

MAY 2017

A glorious short break on the wonderful island of Fuerteventura just 90 miles north of the African coast.Sublime foods and heart led yoga with teachings on the wonders of mindfulness rolled up with practical tips, hints on how to make mindfulness a part of your everyday life.Lots of down time, trips to local eateries and the beach make this both an informative and intensely rejuvenating holiday.