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21stsanctuary is pleased to be working in partnership with TacticCounsel to provide a comprehensive and unique service to Athletes and Sports men and women. We hold regular weekend courses ,where we will provide you with an introductory course on commercial awareness on how to create and sustain an income through successful branding and sponsorship.We also introduce you to ways on HOW to strike the right balance between sports needs /lifestyle.With introductory life coaching workshops / Commercial awareness workshops/ Transition awareness and mindfulness.

We also provide extended programmes at our specialist sports retreats over a 4-5 night stay in stunning locations the UK .With a variety of different programmes: which include:

Soltuion Focus training where we help you address your needs and how to balance the time to spend on your commitment to your sport and the time to develop your commercial profile. Groupwork and general discussions help to identify key areas for improvement We also offer FREE ongoing support from Prof Karen Pine and Prof Ben Fletcher two renowned Professor in Psychology at DoSomething a wonderful programme designed to help you learn by doing something every week to keep good habits going.We also have free initial consultation with a trained Counsellor. 

Mindfulness /Mediation to help you achieve in a more stress free way a balanced lifestyle, helping you to develop a more balanced and relaxed family and social life

Instant Relaxation: in the form of WATSU. a water based therapy like no other. You will know once you've been Watsu'd!

Plus, of course, some exercise time to keep you on track.