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EARN yourself discounts on both Day retreats or a residential retreat either in the UK or abroad.

How would you like to be relaxing with your feet up, the sun shining on you , gentle relaxing music around you, no children, just pure YOU time??A bit of Yoga, some fitness classes amazing locations , hamman, massages, full board and lodgings?

I am looking for people to help build up the client base for our transformational retreats. By inviting your friends or groups you know and promoting the ONE day retreats at a venue near you ( we can discuss) you AND your friends and anyone you have bought along will benefit from a discount on the Day retreats itself AND residential retreats either in the UK or abroad ( Discount applies to accommodation only so Excludes flights,transfers and spending money!)

 For further details on this exciting opportunity and for full terms and conditions please contact Angela

[email protected]