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Would you like to know how to feel less stressed about work, family ?How to create a more relaxed work /life balance

 I know you are wondering

How you can achieve a more peaceful and relaxed life.

Well if you would like me to show you EXACTLY how you can manage your feelings of stress and reclaim some peace of mind, and start to feel like the OLD you with my step by step programme based on Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction ( THE number one practice now recommended by GPs), then register for this unique online course starting in just a few weeks time.

Here's What You'll Be Learning:

On this course here's what I will show you..

Webinar 1 – What stress is really all about

– Identifying your hidden underlying stress

Introduction to mindfulness

Webinar 2 – —What stresses you? —

Your current emotional vocabulary

—STOPP a technique to HALT negative thoughts —

Changing your vocabulary

Webinar 3 - —Wheel of life

— Caring for yourself —

Creating an Anchor

— Commit to One act of Self Care

Webinar 4 -—Progress —

Vocabulary check in

— Mind-full or Mindful? —

NLP anchoring technique —

Mountains or Mole hill?

Webinar 5 -—What mole hill will you climb? —

What barriers have you built already —

Break down any road blocks —Work on what you CAN and WILL do —Commit to 1T ( one small thing)

Group coaching call: Progress reporting /glitch bashing

How to stick to your guns and maintain your new outlook 


One to one personal coaching call

FREE relaxation downloads 

If you are truly wanting to overcome your current challenges , I would love to show you how with a step-by-step plan that will get you REAL results so you can get on with living a happier less stressed life.

What Happens Next:

Simply click the Buy Now link below to secure your place on this stress busting course.