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I offer a complete service that is tailored to suit the client's needs.I use a variety of techniques and practical assignments,which are completed both at the time and outside of the sessions.I like to help clients develop readily available strategies and skills to handle the demands of their everyday lives.which is instrumental to their transformational journey. For more information on how we can work together click here

In fully immersive workshops and retreats, we work in collaboration with other therapists who are also experts in their field .Central to this approach is the establishment of a trusting environment where the client feels free and safe to explore and reflect on the landscape of their thinking mind.We work closely with the client to discover their inner dialogue, the driving force behind the choices they make and the paths they take.

Together we work to obtain a greater understanding of their internal dialogue and how it may produce self-sabotaging, undesirable behaviours.

Using my specially-designed Commit to 1T process, we will work collaboratively to help you identify one specific and realistically attainable change .Physical therapies may include yoga , qi gong, and – where possible – aquatic bodywork for a holistic mind-body-spirit experience.