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The way we behave is driven by the what we think. What we think is a combination of what we have learned by what we do, and what we have experienced. MOST of the things we do become habitual, to the point of being automatic where we DON'T actually ENGAGE our brains with the activity because its " Just what we do".Crucially there is no or very little ACTIVE thought process in our everyday activities.

We know in theory why we need to make changes.So why don't we stick to it?

Humans love routine and repetition as it allows us to enter this state of MINDLESSNESS and miraculously perform all sorts of tasks , even driving a car!!

( yes you have probably done this!Ever arrived at your destination and not recalled all the details??)Bizarrely you are awake and concious and can react but at the same time, the lights are on and no one is home!!ADD to this the constant external marketing and the MAJORITY of the populace who are not yet awake and you have a powerful series of messages encouraging NON ACTIVE mental participation.

So how does knowing this this help you ?

We are the ONLY ones who can determine what we think.. What we experience when we change something and decide to do something different is "discomfort" because we now have to THINK. The process is not yet automatic,and we have to ENGAGE the brain. This takes us out of our comfort zone, which can lead to mild stress like feelings AND THUS A RESISTANCE TO DOING IT!!!.