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Version Francais


The Vision....

Work on the old farm house built in 1849 and its woodlands has begun after a late start due to "Rona" running riot! we hope to open our doors fully in May/ June 2021

Initial refurbishment has started on the indoor yoga space and the bathroom to build some extra showers.

Externally works will soon begin on building outdoor shower and eco loos for the camping guests

We will be able to sleep up to 6-8 people inside and more in tents outside for the warmer season when the outdoor showers and toilets are done.

The Mission

The facilities provided will be unique and for group leaders who wish to use the facilities so will the terms of booking and reservation.

Because we will function as a non profit organisation the terms of use are unlike any other retreat facility. With a truly flexible deposit system and an individually agreed minimum occupancy, the risk of having to cancel your retreat or workshop is greatly reduced. This business centred approach allows hosts to work on getting clients and numbers to grow your business without the headaches. Our mission is to help hosts build their business of helping others.

We are currently recruiting volunteers to come stay and offer Karmic service in return for accommodation with a small contribution of

12 Euros per person per day for food. Volunteers are invited to join in daily sessions which will include yoga meditation /mindfulness perhaps for the first time or to deepen your practice in this Buddhist inspired retreat. An official Camino de Santiago runs through the bottom of the grounds! so thats a bucket list wish right there.

The unique nature of the terms and conditions requires we work on honesty, trust and openness and the venue will be open on a B.I.R.O.S basis 

1). By Invitation. You may receive a direct invitation to further your business plans arising from a chance meeting with the retreat owner at a festival, event or conference because your passion, drive, openness fits with our ethos. You just never know who you are talking to....   

2) Recommendation Only.With only 6 degrees of separation this is a lot more likely than you think. Those who have already qualified to access the retreat venue can recommend you as a trusted member of their tribe and by extension of ours too.

3) Selection.We would especially welcome applications from groups who seek to provide a nurturing and safe environment promoting mental health and well-being

If you would like to be considered to join our tribe to benefit from this unique business friendly retreat venue, and in hiring please drop us a line detailing your vision.