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5 easy steps to reduce feeling Lonely

Posted on March 21, 2016 at 11:50 AM


If you have ever felt lonely read on......

A sense of being lonely, or all alone is for many a feature of their everyday lives. It can strike you in a crowd, amongst your work colleagues or amidst your friends. Going home to an empty house At various stages I can feel alone, even now. As my journey takes me farther and farther away from conventional thinking( brainwashing) , as I break away from the type of teaching that conflicts with my true calling, to heal, I sometimes feel alone, very alone. However, I believe that the key difference is this...... I  FEEL LOVED. I'd go farther than that and say I know I am loved. I am part of a new community of loving caring souls, many of whom I will never meet but I can FEEL my tribe.. A new collective of humans striving for unconditional love.

So here are 5 simple steps to help you know you are not alone

1)Loneliness is a form of grief. For your regrets , your often unspoken longings of a life unfulfilled. A lack connection with kind and loving touch or indeed the loss of someone. The need to be comforted and heard, to be reassured it will be alright... and that you are supported and loved is a natural thing to want and need.

2 You are part of ONE race: The human kind and we are all the same. Skin, bones, flesh and blood.You are not your skin colour, your country of origin, your sex your religious beliefs, your disappointments and failures . You are not defined by your challenges and problems. Make no mistakes life IS hard, it's how you steer your way through it that matters.

3)Create your own support:You may have been let down as a child or more recently as an adult but as an adult you are responsible for making yourself feel good. Create new anchors, in people, places, groups and music . Focus on how strong and vibrant they feel as this will serve you well when you face difficult times. You can programme them in by this simple technique. So whenever loneliness( or any other negative emotion) starts to creep on you can call up these moments to reassure yourself that you are truly never alone.

4).Explore : Find a cuddle group , go to great uplifting events where hugging is rife, happiness unbridled and being accepted "just as you are" ( yes Bridget Jones) is the norm. Finding these positive outlets is life altering. You are not some "saddo... who can't even get a hug ".You are taking an active role in providingfor yourself. You are your own knight in shining white armour.

5) Embrace:You are being sent love and unconditional blessings by your tribe from all over the world. They have never met you and may never hug you physically And yet they want you to know and tap into the energy of love they put out every day. They are the very definition of HOPE. Helping One Person Everyday.

Open you heart and mind to this simple fact and slowly you will know you are loved and never alone.

My thanks to Ntathu Allen for her inspirational  post . For more joy and wosdim please take a look at her amazing book of poems



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