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5 simple steps to creating inner calm anyplace and time

Posted on March 14, 2016 at 12:45 AM


FIVE SIMPLE STEPS : to  create  inner calmness anytime anywhere;

I am taking time to retreat, find space and so I am sitting in my summer house  letting the  heat of the March sun warm me as I top up on Vitamin D.I can disconnect out here , no TV,  a 6 hour play track on You tube and the sound of birds, trees, and the early bees stirring in my envisioned fairyland garden. I say envisioned as theres a lot yet to be done to make it happen.And happen it will, my jouney , to help others find their truth and live happier more contented and joyful lives takes on a new facet.

I'm finishing creating space, a retreat, a 21st Santcuary hideaway, tucked in the bottom of my garden. A place where just a few lucky guests can practice the skill of Mindfulness and Meditation.A place to just be..... a place to disconnect and reconnect with themsleves.

An anchor of good feelings is no more difficult to achieve than our current bad practice of catastrophising!

so if phrases such as           "Its going to be aweful,     I hate this ...   I always fluff things up"   sound familiar to you too........all you are doing is  running the film called  " My terrible  life:   doom and gloom".

We  need firstly to create an  positive ANCHOR. A place, imaginary or real where you feel relaxed and calm .To create an even stronger anchor select a piece of music that you will link emotionally this practice

1) Find a place to sit, with your back supported and legs uncrossed, feet connected to the ground.  NEXT make a mental note of how you are feeling before you start. Where are you carrying  any tension? Now imagine a place/time when you were truly relaxed . 

2)Imagine yourself RIGHTNOW in that place. Close your eyes and  feel it and hear it  see it in your mind .Notice the surroundings in as much detail as you can, the colours , the smells in the air. Is there any wind? a gentle breeze ? what can you hear? children playing and laughing in the distance , a babbling brook? the tide racing in and sighing out.

3)And BREATHE, in to the count of 4 and out to the count of 4, pausing slightly at the top and bottom of each breath in and out.If you find intrusive thoughts and "to do"  lists popping into you head ,  instead of engaging with them and getting into an internal dialogue, return your focus onto your breath.Everytime you feel disruptive thoughts creeping in just  focus back on your breath and connect with being here and now.

4)Now, gently bring your thumb and second or third fingers together and press slightly as you now turn the vibrational levels up, the colours the smells, the feelings,  like a magnifying glass that accentuates each and every detail as you breath in all the calm and relaxation. Immerse your senses in this haven of peace and tranquility. Each breath is replenishing your feel good cells storing  them up for use later.Open your eyes release your fingers and do another mental check in as to how you feel now after.

5) Now  think of an event in the future that you know will challange you,  e.g waiting for an appointment or interview . Now close your eyes and imagine yourself entering into that scene .Now place your fingers and thumbs together and press them together releasing  the stored up feelings of calm and relaxation as you breath in to 4 and out to 4 pausing slightly at the top and bottom of each breath. Feel the calm and relaxation flooding through you as the tension and anxiety ebbs away.

Like any new skill practice makes perfect, so instead of rehearsing the old play recreate a new one which will become the one you turn to in times of need.

For longer term strategies I will be launching soon a series of  "HOW TO", which tackle at a deeper level the undermining thought processes that sabotage us, so watch these spaces for Onlince course release dates, Mindfulness in the garden Sanctuary and residential courses abroad

Nemaste _/\_

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